Wellness Coach II – Instructors

Edward Dunn is a Pastor with Ojibway and Abenaki Nation ancestry and lives on the Tsuu T’ina Reserve in Alberta. He holds a PhD degree in Public Health.

Rohan Watson is the Health Director at Nenqayni Wellness Centre, Family & Addictions Counsellor, Wellness Coach, Nutrition and fitness Coach.

Melissa SharleyMelissa Sharley works as the administrative director/trainer for the 8-week community-based Nedley Depression and Anxiety Recovery Program. She also serves as the Nedley Health Solutions graphic designer, tastefully combining her knowledge of the program with her eye for design. Melissa also plays an integral role in the 10-day residential Nedley Depression & Anxiety Recovery Programs with her ability to win the trust of the participants. Her experience has fueled a love for cognitive behavioral therapy and she enthusiastically shares the program at every chance. She seeks to inspire others to choose abundant health through her programs, live trainings, and designs. Melissa is happily married to Jonathan, who is attending medical school.

Keith DetwielerKeith Detwieler is a native of southern California. His educational background is in Chemistry and Biochemistry.  One day while on Facebook he saw some presentations on Little Light Ministries that impacted his outlook on life. Coupled with a desire to work in ministry as an evangelist he called the studio to see if there was something they could work out.  After several years working at a distance, he moved with his wife and 4 children from Missouri to Northern California to work in ministry full time.  Currently Keith works to maintain the website of Little Light Studios as well as speaking, editing, writing and filming. He is passionate about doing the work of an evangelist and speaking to people about the Word of God, especially as it relates to media.