Wellness Coach I – Topics

iheal School of Health, Healthy Lifestyle Coach Training
Jonathan Zita and Dale Baker

Training on how to help people understand the causes and symptoms of different lifestyle diseases and how to prevent and even reverse many diseases by making positive lifestyle choices. Areas covered include major lifestyle diseases: causes, symptoms and treatments, therapeutic use of the eight laws of health, the ministry of healing, fighting depression and stress, how to cook nutritious food that tastes good, lifestyle coaching and one-on-one consultations.

Mental Health and Stress Management
Rohan Watson and Cameron Johnson

Resolving deep-seated stressors like negative emotions and providing tools to recover from loss.

Natural Home Remedies

Easy practical solutions for common health problems: sinusitis, indigestion, stress, insomnia, etc. Learn simple, easy hydrotherapy, including heating compress, cold mitten friction, ice massage, hot foot bath, wet sheet pack and more.

Cooperating With the Creator
Ed Dunn

Studying the steps in the plan of salvation and how to cooperate with our Creator through that process.

Cultural Competency in Ministry
Ed Dunn and Rohan Watson

Focusing specifically on cross culture work with First Nations communities, attitudes, skills and best practices.

Basic Business and Marketing Skills
Rohan Watson and Cameron Johnson

How to use wellness coaching and seminar presenting as a business. Best topics to teach and present, what to charge, how to market, setting up a business, etc.

Transforming Stories

Learn how to use Chronological Bible Storying to share the Earth’s story: how it began, how it will end, and the revelation of our Creator’s love through it all. Includes themes of the great controversy between Christ and Satan, redemption, and Bible doctrine in a practical format.


CERTIFICATION – Those desiring certificates must attend all sessions.

DISCLAIMER: iHeal Representatives are NOT doctors, nurses, dietitians or professional medical care providers unless they happen to also have undergone licensing in those fields. The information shared by iHeal Representatives is provided for informational purposes only and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. The iHeal Program was developed under the Lifestyle Canada Education Service Corporation. The certificates issued are not necessarily endorsed by other educational institutions or certifying bodies.