“I came here with a lot of confusion of my role in ministry & in my family. But after this training, I juts want to do the work, whether I have a job description of not. And in doing what I have been trained for, God will continually and consistently reveal who I am. “ ~ L.A., California

“This is a beautiful, practical & insightful program for anyone wanting to work with First Nations.” ~ S.P., Alberta

“I praise God for this ministry. The knowledge that I obtained helped me understand the loving character of God. It also gave me confidence to use the skills in a practical way in my ministry. Thank you for allowing God to use you to put this program together.” ~ T.B., California

“This gathering is a foretaste of heaven. I have met understanding people that have inspired me in my journey to perfect health. Looking forward to the next level.” ~ G.G., British Columbia

“This training will not only give you practical tools & knowledge to better help others but will draw you to God and to others with similar goals. If you have felt a calling to GO, and improve the lives of others, this is where you need to be! Taking this with my wife, has also drastically strengthened our marriage.“ ~ R.K., Ontario

“It is a blessing in doing these courses. It has provided me with the tools to share God’s everlasting home with others.” ~ B.P., British Columbia

“It was a perfect balance of learning and implementing.”

“The best training I’ve seen for a spiritual, Christian way of living and relating to others, as well as simple treatments of diseases and symptoms.”

“This was such a profound workshop and I feel that it has prepared and equipped me to partner with the First Nations people to bring health and wholeness to their communities.”

“This is a life-changing training program.  It’s the best in preparing workers for the Lord. ”  T.A.

“When I first came to coaching I was wondering how this was all going to go.  The information has been extremely helpful in my community and I have support with other workers across the country. The spiritual way of looking at these topics has been greatly appreciated! It’s what is missing in secular training.”  B.B.

“This is the best hands on training! I want tools to use instead of just information and this training delivered more than I could hope for.  Loved it!”  M.K.

“I did not realize how much of an impact this would have, not only in my life, but in how it can be used with any person that we meet.  This course has brought about an incredible change in my worldview, and of where God can most use me.  Don’t wait, if you want to be revitalized, inspired, and empowered to walk with God in your daily outreach, you need these valuable tools.”  L.M.

“It gives me hope that I can help people cope through troubled times.”  G.G.

“The First Nations Adventist Training has been life changing and eye opening – providing the right tools and resources to help our people in their physical, emotional and spiritual needs and reach them for the Lord.”  J.K.

“Unequaled information, presenters, food & friendships.  It is truly an incredible program designed to take anyone with a willing heart and determination to work for God and equip them with the tools needed to reach out and nurture others, and show them what God is like.”  R.K.